Before working with Colleen, I felt like I was doing everything I could to reduce inflammation and manage my IBD and other autoimmune symptoms, but my blood work kept coming back abnormal and I didn’t know what foods were triggering symptoms. I felt like I was out of options and couldn’t do anything about it. Colleen personalized a diet for me, and while I was super hesitant at first, it’s been one of the best things I’ve ever done. Now I feel more control over my symptoms (not just gut symptoms, but headaches and joints, too), know which foods cause me discomfort, and prefer the foods I’ve been eating versus what I used to eat. I’ve learned a lot about how to eat and have taught my family members to eat healthier as well.”

– Bailey

“Colleen is an expert on how to eat with Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. Since we began working together in 2011, I’ve seen significant improvements in our patients’ quality of life. She’s an outstanding teacher and appreciates the challenges associated with eating with IBD.”

– Ellen Scherl, M.D.

“Colleen succeeded in helping me tame a serious colitis problem in a very short amount of time with excellent, targeted, detailed, actionable nutrition advice, and the suggestion that a certain probiotic might actually work when a series of stronger and stronger medications had stopped working. It did. I highly recommend her.”

– Frederick D.

“With several health issues including ulcerative colitis, kidney stones, and acid reflux, I didn’t know what to eat.  Foods good for one ailment, were not good for the other. When Colleen identified a ‘good’ food list for each ailment, and convinced me to record what I ate in a diary, we were on our way to creating a diet that works for me… I no longer have pain while, and after eating.  Thank you Colleen! Your help was invaluable.”

– Barbara H.

“Thank you so much for all of your help and your creative approaches to my diet over the years. I really appreciate all that you taught me about nutrition and how much you helped me in figuring out a diet that works for me. It really has made all the difference in managing my health and keeping me feeling well on a daily basis.”

– Laurel S.

“I’m writing to express my gratitude in how monumental Colleen has been in my recovery and admittedly in some of my weakest days. I always would say to myself, ‘hang in there, this lady Colleen knows what she’s doin’ and she’ll fix me up’ and sure enough she did.” 

– Andy Y.

“Thank you, Colleen, for being so great at what you do.  I’ve met a lot of nutritionists, dietitians, etc. over the years and your advice and guidance continues to be the most helpful.”  

– Jaclyn D.

“Colleen is caring, warm, knowledgeable, accessible and effective.  She guided me through the ups and downs of Crohn’s disease and greatly improved my quality of life.” 

– Ellen M.

“As a patient who has struggled with ulcerative colitis for over 20 years, I’ve never been more educated than I am today about the impact diet has on everyday life. Colleen was instrumental in developing a diet plan that helped ease my symptoms of a flare up that likely would have resulted in a hospitalization if it weren’t for her. I am incredibly grateful for all of the time & effort that she put into helping me & I highly recommend her to any one who is dealing with a similar gastrointestinal illness.”

– Matt G.

“Prior to the mediator release test, my digestive issues seemed to be completely irrational and I was unable to pinpoint what my triggers were. The MRT was able to take out most of the guessing, allowing me to complete a LEAP diet in which I recorded all digestive responses and re-learned my body. Though it was a long process, my gut was given the proper time to heal and I have now gained the strength to live my life normally.”

– Gina Q.

“In 2011, my husband and I began discussing starting a family. Unfortunately, I have ulcerative colitis and was on Asacol. While doctors told me it was OK to be on a small dose of the medication while pregnant, I did not want to take any chances. I therefore decided that I wanted to get off the medication and figured that a healthy diet could be the best way to accomplish this. I met with Colleen who was extremely thorough in going through my food diary and explaining what I was eating that was hurting me and what I was missing. She was patient and understanding and I was confident that she understood my disease and how to help me get healthy sans medication. I followed her advice and had a healthy baby girl in 2013. Maintaining the diet allowed me to experience the most beautiful miracle without controllable risk and, to this day, maintain a healthy lifestyle free of medicine.”

– Lori P.

“Colleen is SO knowledgeable and shares her knowledge in a digestible way. She’s super sweet and always open to questions and hearing about our clinical and out-patient experiences with gut health.” 

– NYU Graduate Student

“There is nobody I trust more about nutrition related to the diseased gut. Colleen is EXTREMELY knowledgeable.”

– NYU Graduate Student